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Please could you take a look at my picture and recommend some shade loving plants/shrubs which would do well in this area...I fancy hostas but do they need sun? thankyou




No, most Hostas do fine in shade, but they do need dampish soil. Not sure they're ideal for that spot from an aesthetic point of view - they're not going to cover up the woody, bare bases of the shrubs either side.

1 Apr, 2012


There are some ferns that will grow in dry shade and I wish I could remember which they are. I think one might be polystichum setiferum. Christmas box and butchers broom might be OK, and mahonias too if you fancy something bigger. If you want hostas you could have them in pots as long as you water them, and also heucheras, especially the paler coloured ones that don't like sun. Some perennial geraniums like shade, though if your soil is as dry as it looks you will need to add some good humus bearing material and perhaps some gel crystals before planting and of these.(is it soil or some solid material eg asphalt?.
More plants for containers might be begonias and the New Guinea hybrid busy lizzies. If you want something that will romp away and take over try euphorbia robbiae.

1 Apr, 2012


I grow 'Mrs Popple' fuchsias successfully in shade. They are tough old things and seem to tolerate the dryness once well established.

1 Apr, 2012


thanks everyone for your comments..they have been very helpful :)

2 Apr, 2012


I'm back again after thinking :) I know we have to prepare the ground before we plant anything...but would lots and lots of summer bulbs work and then plant spring bulbs for next year ,so there's always a constant mass of colour all year ?

4 Apr, 2012


There's an oxymoron in your questions, Kate40, i.e., 'constant mass of colour' and the fact the area's shady. Ain't gonna happen I'm afraid. Have a look at things like Campanula muralis, Lamiums, Mahonia aquifolium, Skimmias, Pieris if the soil isn't alkaline, and Fatsia japonica will fill the space on its own, as will Aucuba japonica. Prunus Otto Luyken tolerates deep dark shade and doesn't get large. Foxgloves will be okay in shade to give flowers, and pansies.

4 Apr, 2012


thanks Bamboo .. I am going to google image those.. :)

5 Apr, 2012

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