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Can anyone advise me on how to look after a Gardinia.
I got it just before christmas at a market for £3. I dont know which one it is.
Had it indoors for awhile. Now I put it out during the day & bring it in at night. I keep it watered well but not sitting in water.
Since taking this picture the leaves are yellowing abit & although it has been full of buds since I got it, it is not flowering.
Many Thanks




Nice healthy looking plant - but they're incredibly fussy about conditions if you want flowers. They need a minimum of 60degF in winter, and for flower buds to form, a night temperature of 60-65 deg is required, with a day temperature about 10 degrees higher than that. No draughts, bright light but not sunlight, particularly keep out of midday sun, don't keep near a heat source, mist leaves frequently, keep compost moist at all times, preferably using soft, tepid water. Reduce watering during winter, repot in spring every 2-3 years. Feed with a proprietary houseplant feed for flowering plants and keep the temperature even to encourage flowering (which means not putting it outside, or even leaving a door open if its not usually open).

1 Apr, 2012


Thanks Bamboo, I will try to keep it going.
If any flowers appear I will post a pic.

1 Apr, 2012


I'd like to see that - I've never managed it yet, given up now, I just grow G. Kleims Hardy, which is an outdoor one which does flower. Not the same flower type though...

1 Apr, 2012

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