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i have a spanish dagger which das grown to max height. it flowered last year but feel the snow did some damage. i appear to have several babies growing at the base of the trunk and want to know if i can remove them and pot them but dont know if i have to put them in rooting solution first. really like your help thanks



Assuming you mean Yucca gloriosa, unless you want to dig the whole plant up, the best thing to do is wait till the babies have roots, then sever from the parent and pot up or plant out individually.

1 Apr, 2012


thanks for your reply.i really dont know what it is but its about 16ft tall the top looks like its had it but cant reach to do anything to it. how do i know if the babies have roots?i pulled one off mum and stuck it in compost will that do it ?

1 Apr, 2012


Usually what happens is the babies arrive, then over time, they start to put down roots and then grow on, developing their own root system as time goes by. Wait and see what happens with the one you've separated, but like any baby, it spends a while taking nutrients from mum till its ready to go alone...

1 Apr, 2012

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