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is chicken poo good for the garden
thanks bulbaholic



Fresh from the hen house or the buckets of dried stuff from the Garden Center?
Fresh from the hen house - definitely not good, it is far too strong. It needs to be stored and dried for a long time before you could use it.
Pelleted manure from the Garden Center is good for boosting the leaves of plants as it is rich in nitrogen.

1 Apr, 2012


it seems to put the cats off from using my garden as a loo, but it does make the whole garden smell a bit, but i definitely know which poo i prefer in my garden!

1 Apr, 2012


We have a chicken shed next door, and the fresh stuff - even the stuff that has built up to a depth of about a foot makes your eyes stream with the ammonia in it when our neighbour is digging it out. Consider the effect on plants - however, composted in the open air for about a year might mitigate the 'orrid effects, and I'm sure your plants will romp away with a dressing of this.

2 Apr, 2012

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