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Hi, can anyone tell me what these two are called? They are growing with each other at the edge of my garden - one planted in next doors garden, one in mine - but I have absolutely no idea what they are and I need to cut them back a bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think the top one is a viburnum tinus (evergreen grows to about 6-8 in winter/early spring)

and the bottom one is I think the mature growth of an ivy .

What we generally think of as ivy is the immature growth.

Given enough time ivies get thick trunks,can become become quite tree like and the foliage changes shape completely and they produce black spherical berries which last well into late winter/early spring so are a good source of food for birds

3 Apr, 2012


Immature growth

changes to mature growth

3 Apr, 2012


I can't better that information, Anchorman. We call no.2 "black ivy" here, possibly to describe the colour of the berries, and we have what you would describe as a "tree" of it holding up the sagging stone wall opposite our front door. It can stand any amount of cutting back, but I think it's best done in winter months. I doubt you'll kill it, whenever you do it, though. We have a tinus, too, which is scenting the entire garden right now. Lovely. Wait until it finishes flowering before you cut it back, although, again, wintertime would be best.

4 Apr, 2012


Thank you both. Very helpful info. I would never have guessed that that was Ivy - I had no idea about mature and immature growth. Thank you very much. :-)

4 Apr, 2012

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