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Advice please...... I'm considering putting in a laurel hedge (or possibly Red Robin?) which will be about 50 metres long - so, being really mean, I thought that I would try to take cuttings from the cherry laurels and photinas already in the garden ... what do think, is this possible now?? My questions are:

1. when should I do it (I live in coastal Carmarthenshire)
2. how should I do it (I do have a large but unheated greenhouse)
3. can I mix the two (laurel and red robin) in the same hedge.
4. how long would it take to make a decent 4' height
5. is anybody taking out a laurel hedge!!!! or know of a cheap source?

As always, grateful for any advice.....




I'll answer your 4th question first - if you struck cuttings this year, planted out next year, they'd take probably around 5 more years to get to 4 feet.

4 Apr, 2012


eeks! thanks Bamboo - I rather thought that laurels grew very quickly and therefore wouldn't take too long to develop into a nice bushy hedge - perhaps I need to review buying in instead!!


4 Apr, 2012


Yes - that's why I answered that question first, lol!

4 Apr, 2012

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