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Balm of Gilead


By Mookins

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

have just been reading my herb book and it says that the balm of Gilead is "guarded and export prohibited"
im not very academic but does this mean you arent allowed to send it abroad?
Im not planning on doing it was just interested thats all

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Ive googled it but it came up with various religeous websites

On plant Cedronella canariensis



i expect so. perhaps it becomes an invasive weed or it is rare and difficult to culltivate. It is a native of the canary islands so it could be a national plant and rare.
i'd be interested if you find out any more Mookins

20 Apr, 2009


will keep hunting SBG
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20 Apr, 2009


i googled its latin name and it is endemic in the canaries. widey available for gardens here too, so not sure why it is profibited unless it is to prevent diseases being spread.

20 Apr, 2009


Nope, sorry Mookins, I can't shed any light on this!

20 Apr, 2009


I had always thought it was Balsam Poplar (Populus candicans.) which I have in my garden, but this Cedronella looks interesting. I see Jekka's Herb Farm offer it. Another reference mentions Balsam Fir Abies balsamea. The two trees are quite possibly prohibited as the Forestry are very fussy re Import and Export.

20 Apr, 2009


very interesting Im intruiged now why it would say it.

"the true balm of Gilead is a rare dessert shrub, Commiphora opobalsamum, a gift from the Queen of sheba to Solomon.This tree is guarded and export prohibited. To share this name and possibly scent is the Lure of Cedronella Canariensis, which has a strange masculine fragrance- the kind that gives depth to perfumes.
The tree Populus balsamifera is also called the Balm of Gilead. This has leaf buds which exude a rich balsamic scent and have been used medicinally to treat coughs and sore throats"

this is what ive just copied from Lesley Bremness The complete book of Herbs

Im gong to look further into this keep me posted guys if you find anything else, have just emailed Jekkas herb farm see what they say
x x x

21 Apr, 2009


Goodness Mookins, have you suddenly "sprouted" a new brain, or are you just a glutton for punishment, lol!!

21 Apr, 2009


hehe craftnutter ... dont mention sprouts... the one and only veg that ive come accross and cannot stand the taste and they are theones that seem to be doing the best in my veg patch .....boohoo

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21 Apr, 2009

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