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Best way to train pyracantha against a fence?

I planted my pyracantha last autumn and im now looking for the best way to train it up the fence. I planted it a foot away from the base of the fence on advice from lovely GOY'ers and i think it has grown possibly a foot in height and have some lovely new shoots growing.

Ideally id like it to be quite dense (bird nesting type) and for it to possibly be as tall as the fence, is this possible? It's not far of the top of the fence now but im not sure how to go about training it to "be" the fence if you see what i mean :S

I'm thinking now that maybe i should buy another pyracantha to plant alongside so its as dense as i want it to be? Any advice greatly appreciated :)




I've seen a pyracantha covering a wall 10 feet high by about 8 feet wide, and it was just a single plant. Trained in this way, though, they do not make a dense cover, they only get dense if you don't train them against something. Remove any branches which grow in towards the garden, and retain the ones growing sideways. You might need to top it (cut the top down a bit) to persuade it to spread sideways as well as up.

4 Apr, 2012


Oh ok thanks Bamboo, so i dont need to train it to a wire then? Just trim it the way i want it to go? I was thinking about topping it a little bit, wasnt sure though.

How much would you say i take off the top?
Its such a small thing at the moment its hard to imagine it growing to the fence let along densely! :)

4 Apr, 2012


Smoo, I have just loaded pictures of my pyracanthas - gives you some ideas of how they grow or can be pruned. Just click on garden pictures to see.

4 Apr, 2012


Thank you Stroller, i guess i wont have any problems with mine reaching the top of the fence after seeing yours! :D

4 Apr, 2012


I grew one against an ugly wall, even taking it round a corner without any wires and got excellent all over cover but it took about six years. Its just a matter of taking out all the branches except the ones growing in the direction you want. Don't cut them right back to the trunk though, and they will then grow short spurs which will help to make the whole thing look bushy and cover well. Remember that every time you cut the tip of a branch it will regrow with several shoots, and you can then select those you want. If it was mine I would put a couple of canes in front of those longer branches to bend them inwards and persuade them to grow parallel with the fence rather than away from it. By the end of the season they should stay where you want them. As the plant grows its amazing what you can do by inserting canes here and there to bend branches!

4 Apr, 2012


Oh thank you Steragram! Great advice! Ill be doing that with the canes when it stops raining! :D

4 Apr, 2012

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