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Hi, I am trying to propergate a hebe emerald green and would love to have it as a formal border, I need about 80 plants so would love to know how to propergate it correctly as the cuttings I have taken are turning brown and wilting, any help would be greatly appreciated



Usual method is semi ripe cuttings taken in mid-late summer.

4 Apr, 2012


I normally put Hebe cuttings into damp soil in a large trough in a north facing part of the garden. Direct sun will cause them to wilt and die. Spring and summer is best - late summer being optimum. I have taken cuttings and overwintered them but rooting takes months and not weeks like spring.

My suggestion is to take a part of the Hebe and remove the bottom 'leaves' bit by running your fingers down it and then to keep them out of direct sunlight and keep the soil damp - does not sound like you are doing that. They should root within a month or so. Failing that they grow from seed readily.

4 Apr, 2012


Thank you so much for your help, it is greatly appreciated, I think ive taken the right cuttings but Ive had them on my window ledge and they are getting some pretty strong sunlight, they are going brown and drying out alot, I will put them somewhee out of direct light, north facing without the possibility of burning.
Any ideas on how to collect seeds from them, that would be fantastic, as I have looked just about everywhere and cant find more plants and the quantity I need it approximately 80 so financially cant afford to, the four I did find were $15 each, Im really enjoying belonging to a community of other gardeners and thankfully alot more experience than me, again thank you for your help

6 Apr, 2012


This one rarely, if ever, flowers, and without flowers, you can't collect seed.

6 Apr, 2012

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