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Hi folks. I need some creative input. I have a mosaic commission to do that represents Hope through nature. Being a black and white thinker, I am at a loss. I can only think of death, rebirth and dormant....... Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!!!!!! Thanks!



Oh lord. I'm a bit prosaic myself, so the only thing springing to mind is some sort of apocalyptic scene, but with new plant growth springing up through the broken concrete. Not that cheery really, is it...

4 Apr, 2012


Sigh.....we seem to think along the same lines here Bamboo :) Nope, I don't think this is what the client has in mind, but thank you for the idea!! :)

4 Apr, 2012


Hi , Lil , could it be through baby animals i.e. a cat or dog with their litter in a gentle setting ? But my first thought was dawn breaking on a beautiful day .

4 Apr, 2012


Bulbs pushing up through thick snow? Except not enough colour I guess, too much white, lol.
Sticky buds on a bare tree with winter roundabout? Blossom break with a bee or 3?
A rainbow?

4 Apr, 2012


There's an image that sticks in my mind from a journey through Glencoe and the wild bare moors there. There was a great rock standing on its own, cleft in two, with the most beautiful little Rowan tree growing out of it.

4 Apr, 2012


Hi Lil, how about a newborn child lying on top of the world (a globe shape and babe lying over the top) sunset/sunrise all around, spring flowers is always a nice sign of hope too. Google /images of the word hope the photos are beautiful.

4 Apr, 2012


I just think a sunrise with loads of flowers, trees and Disney-esque animals, if you can manage that without going overboard into the grossly kitsch, Lil. I suppose a big part of the problem might be the amount of detail you might be expected to show in a difficult medium. How big are the clients thinking?

4 Apr, 2012


How about the hope of peace for the future represented by the dove and the olive branch? Good luck with the project.

4 Apr, 2012


Wow, I really like all of these ideas.....

I like the your idea Driad, the only problem is that not being a real artist, I could never produce a proper image of any sort of animal :) Have thought of the rainbow but feel it is too easy if that makes sense.

Really like your ideas as well Grandmage and Ojibway. The baby would pose a problem but something to suggest to the client.

I fear I would end up with a kitschy piece Gattina and again, animals are beyond my scope, unlike you :)

I could definitely do your idea Bamboo. Could easily incorporate colour into the sky!

Your idea may work as well Fuschia fan as the client is wanting 4 pieces in total. Each piece with a different message such as Hope, Balance, Re-birth, Strength, etc. She did ask about a piece to convey the message of preserving the earth, so this would definitely work.

I knew I could count on my GoY Geniuses :))))))
Thanks again!

4 Apr, 2012


One more Lil.....a childs hand holding an adults hand with maybe different skin colours......we could go on!

4 Apr, 2012


Bamboo's idea of a rainbow is pretty perfect, Lil, - wasn't it supposed to be a sign of God's covenant with man and a symbol of hope? Can you incorporate that in one of the pieces?
Nah, I may be able to paint animals, Lil, but there's absolutely no way I could translate that into mosaic or stained glass - I'm good (well I was once), but not THAT good! ;o)))))))))

5 Apr, 2012


Lol Gattina.....
I have emailed my client a number of ideas and now wait on her decision....will let you know what 'we' decide. Looking forward to starting!

5 Apr, 2012


You now must post pictures of every step along the way - we all have a vested interest in this now. Can't wait to see your ideas.

5 Apr, 2012


Again, lol!
I won't bore you with pics of EVERY step, but promise to post once completed. May be a while though so be patient :)

5 Apr, 2012


Fabulous challenge, though, Lil. You'll enjoy it, I have no doubt, and come up with some absolute masterpieces, too.

5 Apr, 2012


Drum roll please, drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.........

Submitted a number of ideas to the client, including the ones suggested here, that were within my limited abilities :) and the client has decided to go for a variation on Bamboo's suggestion, the winter landscape with a trillium or 2 in bloom as well as a dormant tree. Trillium is our provincial flower.

Thank you all again for your suggestions!!!!!!! Don't be concerned if you don't see me for a bit.....I will be up to my #**# in glass :))))))

5 Apr, 2012


Just don't try sitting down, then ;o))))))))

5 Apr, 2012


Lol Gattina!
No worries, must protect my best asset at all costs ;)))

5 Apr, 2012


A little late but what about a plant pot and a pack of seeds with a child standing over them

23 Apr, 2012


Thanks for the suggestion Gs, but already completed :)

27 Apr, 2012


I like your idea. As I am a painter, I always think, keep it simple for message Art. Wells

25 May, 2012


I've come to realize that myself just recently Wells :)

26 May, 2012

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