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I have some Lady Boothby Fuchsias that I planted last year. Should I cut the old wood back to ground level or leave for new shoots to sprout on old wood. The branches are about 5 feet tall. Thanks



I don't know about this particular fuchsia, but I've two hardy fuchsias that have been out in the garden for years. I leave well alone until the new growth is well on, then cut all the old dead branches off. Some of the old branches may start to sprout new growth which they can't do if you've chopped 'em off!! Hope this helps.

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4 Apr, 2012


I have a Lady Boothby fuchsia and it pops up every year whether I do anything to it or not. The new shoots come right out of the ground. This is the way most hardy fuchsias appear to function to survive. The top growth dies down to sticks, which are best left to help with frost protection then removed. This fuchsia is not a particularly pretty one. Seems to me to be a tall fuchsia, needing tied in support rather than a genuine climber.

5 Apr, 2012


thanks for info. much appreciated

5 Apr, 2012

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