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By Gattina

Bologna, Italy It

I have just been weeding and strimming (well, OH does that bit) the orchard and vegetable garden, and noticed that already ants are building nests in the earth. Other than the pain of treading on one accidentally and getting badly bitten, are there advantages/disadvantages to having ant colonies in one's garden?



hello gattina . the advantages are they keep a lot of nasty plant eating insects of your prized plants thow they can farm aphids which can suck the life out of plants and look nasty . the down side is if the nest gets huge they can upset the roots of plants especialy in pots . if there large shrubs etc then there a plus basicly . i wonder why knowone answerd you . lucky im here lol xxxx .

8 Apr, 2012


To be sure, Leigh. I rely on you, you know. Thank you!

8 Apr, 2012


your more than welcome anytime bud xxx .

8 Apr, 2012

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