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By Gattina

Bologna, Italy It

Not so much a question, more a "Thankyou" to Moongrower for her advice about blackcurrant bushes.
MG, I followed your advice when pruning my blackcurrant bush sometime before all that pesky snow came, and (rather doubtfully, I might add) stuck the prunings into the soil. I counted up today while weeding around the mother bush, and I have nine sturdy new plants! (with the possibility that more may come) Brilliant! How long do you think I should leave them in situ before transplanting them, do you think?.



Hi Gattina that is great news! I'd wait until autumn to transplant them unless they are very much in the way but they will have a much better root ball come October.

6 Apr, 2012


That long? There are three of them that look as big as the ones for sale in garden centres, but you obviously know what you're talking about, so I shall leave them be for the moment, and just chat encouragingly to them. I must admit, the rootball bit does make good sense, especially given the dryness at the moment. Anything that comes free is such a bonus. Thank you again.

6 Apr, 2012


You might want to prune them back to encourage root growth.

6 Apr, 2012

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