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Advice on growing Corydalis linstowiana.
I've bought a small plant in flower just because it was such a pretty plant and I like Corydalis.
But the big question is what are its likes/dislikes, perennial/biennial etc? My big RHS book doesnt even have it listed.

So fellow Goyers any advice welcome please?



Not in my books either but theres a bit on Google. Pretty colour. I love corydalis too.

6 Apr, 2012


thats a pain, it is such a nice plant. I have read several articles. seems to be a biennial . some say seeds freely others not.
had hoped someone might actually grow it.
thanks Steragram.

6 Apr, 2012


There is a warning on Google from a nursery owner that, on his land, it has seeded profusely. I can only speak on Lutea in my garden. It grows very well and very prettily. According to other Goyers they have a job getting Corydalis growing in their gardens. It is easy to pull out but likes the shady base of shrubs. I never planted it incidentally. I think it relies more on self seeding than year to year survival. That is all I can offer. People have taken roots away but it has never survived elswhere.

7 Apr, 2012


thanks Dorjac, i also have the lutea seeding freely, and I have a few different corydalis growing well. I just want to get this one right. If its a woodlander then I have the perfect place for it.

7 Apr, 2012

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