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Why are the leaves of my Morning Glory turning white?

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I am growing Ipomoea tricolour "heavenly Blue" from seed - they are currently in my greenhouse, with the door open, and are about 5 inches tall. The topmost sets of leaves on them all (and there are lots) have all turned white? Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? They are well watered, not waterlogged but the soil has formed a green slightly mossy covering on the top, not sure if this is relevant or not?

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I would think they have been exposed to too much sunlight!
If there is moss growing in the pots then they are definitely being watered too often.

You have also sown them very early in the year I think. I have grown them for many many years & have never had much success unless the seeds were planted very late - even May is not too late! I never had success with seeds sown earlier than mid April. Also they don't like their roots to be disturbed. I've tried growing them in small pots earlier in the season & then planting them out in May, but they only "sulked & I never did get any decent plants.

21 Apr, 2009


yes i agree with balcony they are getting too much light and probably heat. move them towards the middle or least sunny side of the greenhouse. the plant will recover. dont let water sit on the leaves either. water from the bottom.

21 Apr, 2009

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