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Hi there, Can anyone give me some advice on Bay trees?

I live in Surrey (UK) and we had 30 bays planted last October standing at about 6foot each. They have been planted close together, about 30-40cm apart, so that they eventually form a hedge.

The winter has been pretty dry and had some very windy days. We haven't been very good at watering them either! The leaves now appear dry/brittle and many have browned. Over the winter they have been pruned twice.

Any advice on reviving them would be great. Unfortunately we now have a hose pipe ban!!

Many thanks....

Sam S



Sam, 6 foot Bay trees needed a lot of water to help them establish... If you did not regularly water them then you have a real problem, Try to create a bund area around each tree by hoeing up the soil a couple of inches higher than the surface level and pour a bucket of water into each bund every day even if it rains. Am also not sure why you pruned the trees twice over the winter.

7 Apr, 2012


We used to have bay trees, and I am afraid, Sam, that these do not sound happy bunnies. In fact, I would think you have lost them. They do take a GREAT deal of establishing.

7 Apr, 2012


I think they are goners too Gattina any 6 foot tree needs regular watering to allow the rootball to grow out into the surrounding soil. Expensive lesson.

7 Apr, 2012


We are in a drought Sam, your plants need loads of water, especially 30,of them! Keep watering if you can, you may be able to save some. We re-planted our pear tree last summer and tapped into the soil a piece of drainpipe so we could get water down to the roots, we filled that up two or three times a week and it has paid off, the tree is full of blossom now but we are still watering too.

7 Apr, 2012


I am sorry to say this but are you sure they are bay trees, Laurus nobilis, as at 6 feet high they would cost a fortune? Could they be Prunus lusitanica or some other shrub. Bay trees are not noted for their hardiness in an open aspect and unless they were in a very protected situation you would be taking a great gamble.

7 Apr, 2012

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