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my tangutica seeds have popped up what next ?? HELP

On plant Clematis tangutica



welcome to GoY.
when you see 2 or 4 new true leaves [the first two are important 'seed leaves' but not true leaves] you can carefully separate the seedlings and re pot into fresh compost. The pots need to be small initially and when roots fill the pot pot onto the next size. Dont go up more than an inch or 2cm in diameter of pot each time.

when you handle the seedlings hold them by the seed leaves and not the stem as they get bruised.

well done. I have tried many times to grow these with out success despite others telling me they are easy.

7 Apr, 2012


Hi Seaburngirl (to say nothing of Lizard). I am just trying for the third year running. Last year I gave one to a friend and neighbour and she treated it with total disdain. I nursed mine which, of course, all died. Lol (but not very much). Her's is now in its second year and looking fine. So this year I just shoved them in a cold greenhouse. They are now potted on (or four of them are) and outside and looking fine. The other 8 cells did nothing so I don't believe they are very easy to propagate. If I have more than 2 survive and you want one then PM me. I will know in about 6 weeks.

7 Apr, 2012

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