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Mystery Plant: I asked a week or so ago if anyone knew what this was. They are amongst my allium purple sensation. To help with identification, they now have what is a tiny black globular thing at the top of the stems..bud? Anyone recognise them?




These are allium seedlings and the "tiny black globular thing" is the remains of the seed. It will be a year or two before the seedlings flower. Be aware that they could make a nice clump or become a weedy menace in your garden.

7 Apr, 2012


Could they be purple sensation Bulba as they're the only ones I have left now? Will I be able to tell this year which they are?:-)

7 Apr, 2012


They will be seeds from your Purple Sensation, Bornagain, but the resulting flowers may not be quite the same as the parent - they may be even nicer.

7 Apr, 2012


Oooh that could be rather exciting couldn't it. Do you know when they'll be big enough to bloom and if it's possible to transplant some at this stage? :-)

7 Apr, 2012

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