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By Mark61

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all i have planted some cucumbers from seed,they started growing really well but as you can see from the picture they seem to be looking rather dull and lifeless.I keep them well watered etc.If any one as any ideas what could be wrong please help me ???:)))




I wonder if you are being too kind and watering them too much. Or if they have had a touch of frost Mark. Are they protected at all at night when the temperature drops. You haven't got them outside have you ?

7 Apr, 2012


Hi Cinderella thankyou for answering i did forget to mention these came from my mother in laws house in which she kept them in the conservatory because of the bad weather we have been having.I just put them outside today as it was nice and warm.They have started going like this for about a week now.I was hoping the sun and warm temperature would have helped but it hasnt.I have now got them in my greenhouse.:))))

7 Apr, 2012


Well its too early to be putting them outside really Mark, and they don't look too good at all do they. I have my doubts wether they will survive, but you could leave them a little longer and see what happens.

7 Apr, 2012


Do you think maybe they need to come out of the greenhouse and back into the house?:))

7 Apr, 2012


Well if you bring them in the house they will probably draw up too much and get leggy. Probably better in the greenhouse, but protect them from frost - put some fleece or newspaper over them at night. If you have any more seed I would plant some more as insurance, they will probably catch these others up if it gets warmer.

7 Apr, 2012


Hi cinderella i have left them in the greenhouse at the moment and i have covered them in bubble wrap to keep them from the frost.Thankyou so much for answering much appreciated.Thankyou mark :))))

7 Apr, 2012


For me Cucumbers are notoriously tricky, even in the greenhouse and not being moved the change outside from the lovely warm spell to the cold and grey we now have is enough to make them collapse....I now buy a couple of plants from a local nursery but not until towards the end of may, and even then........

8 Apr, 2012


Hi Pamg i do agree with you thats why i normally let the mother in law set them off as she is quite good at getting them to grow from seed as i am terrible they never grow if i had planted them.I have been keeping them warm by covering them in bubble wrap now in the greenhouse and they look like they are starting to come back a little.So hopefully fingers crossed they will survive now:))))

9 Apr, 2012

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