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Sun or shade?
Hi all, I've just bought some plants from a local nursery, I've got one border that gets the sun from early morning until mid to late afternoon and the other which is in the shade for all or most of the day. I think most of the plants would prefer a nice sunny position, but wondered if anyone could say which, if any, would tolerate a shady position?

Hosta Halcyon - this one will definitely love the shade
3 Dianthus - Singapore Girl, Cover Story and Double North
Lobellia, Queen Victoria
Peonia, Felix Crousse
Delphinium, Guardian White
Antirrhinum, Appeal Sunset
Veronica Spicata, Red Fox
2 Senetti's

Any help and advice would be much appreciated! Can't wait to get some colour into my garden :)



I always find that dianthus prefer the sun, and not too much watering. At least in my garden they do!

7 Apr, 2012


As you say the hosta will love the shade,
Dianthus = full sun
Lobelia Q V = partial shade
Peony = full sun
Delphinium =full sun
Antirrhinum =full sun
Veronica =full sun
Senetti,s { Pericallis} =full sun - partial shade
Senetti,s are also only hardy to about 30 deg f
Hope this helps. derekm

7 Apr, 2012


Agree with Derek apart from the Peony which can be in full sun or part shade.

7 Apr, 2012


Thank you Derek and Moon growe, will be planting tomorrow :)
I know the Senetti's will only be a this year plant but they were shouting 'buy me buy me'! They're so pretty I couldn't refuse! Sue

7 Apr, 2012


Oooh sorry, meant thanks to Jan too, looking forward to seeing everything in flower :)

7 Apr, 2012


If you like something, "why not", even if it does only last one season, but if you have a greenhouse that you can keep frost free, you can overwinter them in there, and keep them going for longer. derekm

8 Apr, 2012

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