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By Bannako

Ramsgate, United Kingdom Gb

hi all, i have just moved house and theres lots to do!,i decided to do garden first and i have opted for a shingle garden, can you get larger stones so to stop cats using it as litter tray



Yes... depending on the size of your garden cart yourself of to the GC or look around for a supplier of gravel!

7 Apr, 2012


A builders merchant would be the best place to get gravel in bulk if you have a large area to cover. Depending on what is there already you could be making a rod for your own back because if there are lots of weeds you will need to clear the ground first. They will just grow up through anything placed on top.

8 Apr, 2012


Agree with Scotsgran you will need to remove perennial weeds first and consider putting down a weed barrier. Don't skimp on the depth of the gravel either as organic matter will get into it and start growing. When Bulba created our two gravel paths he dug out a good foot of soil, which we needed to create a raised bed, there has never been a problem with weeds seeding and that was ten years ago.

8 Apr, 2012


there are specialists that will bring you any size stones you want . there is a coal merchant near me that does just that as well as smaller stuff . id look around for the best prices for sure . a ton doesnt go asfar as youd think .be nice to have different sizestones and a water feacture in there to .

8 Apr, 2012


You might find that builder's merchants don't stock a variety of aggregates - they tend to concentrate on cheap pea shingle, which isn't what you want. Check out Marshalls and Bradstone, both these companies do a range of aggregates of differing sizes and colours, from pea shingle through to pebbles and rocks. Both will be able to tell you where you can find a supplier too.

8 Apr, 2012


my coal merchant does the same thing . i think a lot of them have to have more than just coal as an income because of the trend for gas heating etc .

8 Apr, 2012


thanks to you all,

13 Apr, 2012


We are all waiting to see what you decide to do. I hope you will keep in touch and let us know.

13 Apr, 2012


bye the way if you use broken slate instead because of its shape it doesnt tend to move much and its not easy to dig in , also you get a nice different colour when it rains . youl need a membrane still ofcourse and you can still use bigger cobbles with it and plant the same .

14 Apr, 2012

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