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can i grow a red robin in a pot on my patio



Yes you can but it won't grow very big unless you put it into a bigger pot when the roots fill the pot. Make sure that you don't use a bellied pot as you would have to break it to get the plant out.

8 Apr, 2012


We had one in the ground near the patio. It got large really quickly and in the end it had to go. Red Robin is really too vigorous for a pot. Suggest you enquire at a good GC about a suitable plant and pot size for your requirements. I totally agree with the advice about pot shape. We had to hose a tree peony out of it's bellied pot, to plant it in the garden.

8 Apr, 2012


i agree or look into making it into a bonzei which means pulling it out of its pot every other year etc . you could cut the bottom out of your pot if possible to give the apearance of being in the pot .

8 Apr, 2012


No, not the ordinary Photinia Red Robin - but there is one you can grow in a pot. It's called Photinia LITTLE Red Robin, and this one only gets about 3 feet high, yet looks the same as the large one. Might need protection in winter though, specially in a pot.

8 Apr, 2012

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