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Can anyone identify these for me please?
And also the green bush ,can it be moved if so when ? if not when can it be cut back ? thanks.

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First one looks like some kind of Spurge or Euphorbia....break a small piece off and see if it oozes white sap. Take care, the sap can be an irritant to some people.

The second one is a vibernum tinus

I presume pics 1 and 3 are the same plant ?

You can move the vibernum (pic 2) but you're really getting a bit late. Ideally it should be moved between November and may get away with it but i wouldn't personally.
It can be cut back to shape it any time you want although no cutting back is required to get it to flower etc

Hope this helps

8 Apr, 2012


Thanks Andy i thought the 1st one was Euphorbia but when i googled it the plants looked different from mine , they were more plain green whilst mine is also reddish!
The Viburnum i love but it is really overhanging the bed , rather than lose it i would rather cut it back, any advice on exactly how to do it please.
Thanks for your help .

8 Apr, 2012


Just cut it back to where you want....i do this with all plants at work if they're over hanging paths etc....Pretty hard to kill or hurt a V. tinus !!!

8 Apr, 2012


Thanks so much! are you a professional gardener ?

8 Apr, 2012


Don't know about that....but i work as a gardener so i suppose i am really.

8 Apr, 2012


There are lots of different types of euphorbia, some of them can be very highly coloured, and they come in all shapes and sizes; hence the sap test. This is definitely one of them.

8 Apr, 2012


Welcome to Goy Tgj. I agree with the above advice especially about the V tinus. Click on E and then Euphorbias in the A-Z at the foot of this page you might be able to spot your one amonst the 471 photos on display by other members.

20 Apr, 2012

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