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What has been your Best Buy recently?

Last year at Chelsea Flower Show I came across a daffodil (amongst a mind-boggling selection) that took my fancy. It was called Tweety Bird. I ordered some and they have surpassed all expectations. They are in flower now and have been for weeks and weeks and still show no sign of fading. And they have grown taller than expected and are a full 2 feet ( 50cm).

What has been your Little Success Story?

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the reclaimed westmorland stone for my rockery was my bargain of the spring.

Lovely daff though.

8 Apr, 2012


With the encouragement of GoY members, I bought a Viburnum Tinus 'Eve Price' which has now been flowering for over two months and shows no sign of stopping. So, thankyou!

8 Apr, 2012


My best buy recently was a long handled three tined cultivator. I've long used a dutch hoe and still will for taking the tops off weeds but the 3 tined cultivator is superb for breaking up the soil . I reckon it is at least 3 times faster than a hoe.

I've just done the whole of the borders of my own garden in about 15 minutes and I have a border surrounding my lawn varying in width between 4 and 10 feet which must be at least 80 feet long

Photo only

( Google long handle three tined cultivator) They 're available from about £5 including postage! or a good make will cost you about £12-18

8 Apr, 2012


My best buy recently was 2 primulas....Miss Indigo and Don Keefe. 1 plant of each and I managed to get 5 plants from each pot! They are all coming along nicely and all putting on new leaves and flowers :)

8 Apr, 2012


My best buy fairly recently was a wire brush and a pole to attach it to. I do a little at a time to keep the weeds from crevices in between garden pavings. I'll be busy after this rain, after weeks of dryness. I'v just found I can buy spares to screw on when it wears out. I got brush and pole 1/2 price.

9 Apr, 2012


I bought three plants of primula 'Woodland Walk' from the "almost dead plants" section of a Garden Centre twelve months ago. They were 50p each. They started flowering last September and are still going strong.

9 Apr, 2012


An interesting variety of answers. Thanks everyone

11 Apr, 2012

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