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I have three 5 year old Japanese Acer trees on my balconies in pots

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I have three 5 year old Japanese Acer trees on
my balconies in pots. At the end of March I repotted them all and two of them were already in bud. The leaves have now developed but they look wilted. Could this be because I left the repotting too late and if so, what can I do.

The acers are full of leaf, albeit drooping at the moment, the pots have good drainage and are on feet. I live in Hertfordshire and the green leafed acer always comes out a little before the crimson queen. Thank you so much for your response - I'm feeling better about them now !

Thank you all for your response, it's been really helpful and made me feel better about repotting the acers !!!
Thank you !

On plant Acer palmatum dissectum



i think they can kind of look a bit wilted when infact there just still opening up . a photo would help . is there enough water or perhaps to much ? drainage and feet under your pots ? if all this is ok then they should come round . its never natural to move plants so if there not dorement you are in danger of stressing them to a degree . its been a very mild winter to realy . some of my acers are nearly open . you could of done with doing this about a month ago . all is not lost just keep your fingers crossed theres some sunny days comming up as a couple of the nights have been quit chilly . i dont suppose you have a glass conservatry you can put them in for a little while till they pick up . they could just pick thereselves up anyway . ill keep my fingers crossed for you .

9 Apr, 2012


You don't say where you are in the UK Barbara but repotting your Acers when they were already in bud will certainly have put some stress on them. I would not recommend putting them into a conservatory to recover it will be much to warm for them. Just keep them watered and out of any strong wind, if they were happy on the balcony before you repotted them they'll be happy again one they have had time to settle.

9 Apr, 2012


fare enough i just thaught it would help while the nights are a bit chilly still mg x .

9 Apr, 2012


If the trees have been sitting out all winter they don't need protection now NP. More trees are killed by taking them indoors than are ever killed by cold.

9 Apr, 2012


cool just a thaught .

9 Apr, 2012


Just keep them well watered, they should recover nicely. These plants can, as Nosey suggests, look as if they're wilted when the leaves first start appearing, but as you've repotted, ensure they get a good soak and aren't allowed to dry out. I certainly don't think repotting now is an issue - this time of year is precisely when I used to repot all mine and they were fine.

9 Apr, 2012

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