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i planted a cordaline palm about 15 years ago .and is now
about 25 tall spreading at the top into 4 branches. last year anumber of growths appeared in various points up the stem
.what if anything need i do???



just enjoy you dont need to do a thing .

9 Apr, 2012


You don't need to do anything, but if you want to,you can just cut off the new growth - these will eventually grow on to form new limbs if left on the tree, and you may not want so many new limbs in certain places. You also have the option of reducing the height of the tree if you so desire, by cutting the whole thing down to where there's new growth, at an angle to allow rain to run off. But if you're happy with all the new growth and letting it grow on, leave it be, the choice is yours.

9 Apr, 2012

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