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Hello my friends, Over the hols I have been given a selection of Cactus & Succulents.I have very limited know how of these plants. I have read in my book when re potting try to pot them no deeper than 1/2 an inch,as they are shallow rooted,but if I do that they will topple over.So can I plant them deeper?? The Succulents have been cut from the main plant so have no roots,dip in hormone powder?? But the biggest problem is how to overwinter,I have no greenhouse and absolutely no room in the house,I do have lots of garage space tho,would that do?? Any help and advice would be greatly appeciated. Regards Cazoo




You could try asking Hywel in a PM as he grows lots of them.

9 Apr, 2012


PM??????? Whats that

9 Apr, 2012


PM = Private message

9 Apr, 2012


Sorry they will not overwinter in a garage unless it is frostfree and has really good daylight. To root your succulents put them into a dry gritty compost. They will not fall over if you are careful and once they are rooted there will be no problem. Do not water them until they have some roots. But they will not survive outside at this time of year as it is much too cold and wet (depending where you are!)

Your taller cacti look rather neglected and need some tlc. I would be tempted to cut off the one on the right above where the brown marks are, allow the cut to skin over in a warmish place and then replant it in dry gritty compost, as shallowly as you can get away with. It should root quite easily and the bottom part that is rooted may well produce pups round the edge of the cut. They do not need hormone powder and this is a good time of year to do it,
but if you cannot keep them indoors in a good light and well above freezing I fear you may not succeed with them.

The others should be potted in specialist cactus compost which is gritty and free draining and kept in a very good light, watered only when dry and sparingly then - watered not at all in winter, monthly in spring and autumn and perhaps weekly in hot weather but not until the compost has dried. If the plant is kept in contact with wet compost for long it may rot.
All cacti need good strong sunlight as they are mostly from hot dry climates.The succulents are not so fussy but still need the sun.

9 Apr, 2012


Right... looks like I have my work cutout. I have split and reduced the sick looking one and am now drying it out.Are "pups" the same as cuttings in plants? Sorry..I was not referring to the succulants as regard to toppling over but the taller cactus. I will have to plant these quite deep as they really are top heavy and then I will stake them until I feel they have settled down,they do have good strong roots. Does this sound OK to you? As for the winter...well I can only do my best. Thanks for the advice I have taken it on board and will give them my best shot,I would hate to lose them as the person who gave them to me grew them from seed 20years ago!!

10 Apr, 2012


Well they shouldn't be planted deeper than the original soil line. If you plant them more deeply they are in danger of rotting if in contact with damp compost. Yes, pups are the little new ones that will probably appear where you cut the top off. It isn't their official name! They can be removed and grown on when they are a reasonable size. If you are planning to stake the tall one be careful not to damage it. Not sure the best way to go about that.
I would also consider chopping the small one in the box on the right side. There's no need to wait a long time for the cut to heal - a few hours should be enough .
Don't want to depress you but without a sunny windowsill or a heated greenhouse they aren't going to do very well or even survive.They are desert plants. What about a bedroom?

12 Apr, 2012

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