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sowing seeds


By Kzzzzh

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hi i am brand new to this site but would like help if poss, i have sowed some tomatoe,impatiens and dahlia seeds about 3 weeks ago, kept them moist under glass ( one in conservatory and 3 in greenhouse) and absolutely nothing has happened, i have used b&q multi purpose and don't know what went wrong any ideas please. thanks in advance



you are very welcome to GoY. I think they might have been too moist. try letting them dry off a little bit and see if anything happens then. how deep did you bury the seed. They shouldnt be too deep. hope this helps

21 Apr, 2009


This is what I do with my tomato seed - and it germinates in about four days.

I sow it in an already watered half seed tray and put just a pinch of compost over each seed. Then I cover the seed tray with clingfilm and put it in the airing cupboard (so it is warm but dark). Check after two days and daily after that - as soon as the first sign of anything coming through the compost, being it out onto a windowsill and remove the clingfilm.
This year I got 10 out of 12 seeds to germinate using this method

21 Apr, 2009


i used to use the airing cupboard in my old home but this one doesnt have one :o( the greenhouse gets rather hot on sunny days and when i go to work like today it is cold and overcast. by 11am it was clear blue skies. dispite automatic vents etc it got up to 38 degrees. hot!

21 Apr, 2009


thanks for all your replies, i have kept them very moist and maybe the greenhouse being unheated in the north of england has been too extreme, hot in day cold at night, i think i may have to buy little plantlets and take it from there!

21 Apr, 2009

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