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Some while back I posted a question about my olive tree. I thought I had lost it in the Winter of 2010-2011, however, joy of joys it has survived! My question is this: As there is a LOT of new growth around the base of the tree, should I cut this off in order to encourage more growth on the branches?
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No! If that's where new growth is coming from, and nowhere higher up, that means the top part of the tree has died - if that's the case, what you need to do is remove the dead parts down to where the new growth is.

9 Apr, 2012


I agree with bamboo , but I would leave a little longer just in case it may grow back you can always cut this out at a later date , do a sctratch test to see if the bark is green then you will know , I thought I had lost 3 of my standard hollies last winter 2010/11 but I left alone and to my amazment nearly 6 months later I have shoots appearing so it worth waiting and see what happens


9 Apr, 2012

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