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I have inherited a heavy deep vitreous enamel 1940s sink. Someone has filled the drainage hole with concrete, which my son drilled holes through. Using the sink for Alpines doesnt work because the holes in the lump of concrete fill with earth and block the drainage. I would like to bash in the base without breaking the sink completely, but dont know how. Any ideas very welcome.



Use a crock over the holes in the concrete - a lump of curved, broken terracotta pot usually works quite well, then refill with soil, without moving the crock...

9 Apr, 2012


You could fill the sink with a couple of inches of grit or fine gravel to start and this will keep the drainage clear.

9 Apr, 2012


I would suggest tilting the sink just slightly and covering the whole of the base with an inch of grit. A piece of perforated zink over the hole will also help.
Just beat me to it Dgw!

9 Apr, 2012


Fantastic Diane.

9 Apr, 2012

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