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I have been clearing an old gardeners shed out whose allotment I shared and found very huge amounts of all the fertilisers you could think of. Is there a shelf life on these as he may have had them for years. Thanks.



Yes, there is a shelf life and I would not recommend using them. Take them to your local authority recycling center and hand them over to the supervisor. The council should be able to dispose of them safely.

10 Apr, 2012


Thanks for your help. Will the chicken pellets be any good now as I don't think these are too old? The other fertilisers were fish blood and bone, growmore , potash and bone meal.

10 Apr, 2012


You could try them, Rose, though personally I wouldn't. Do you know the boxes/containers hold what it says on the label. This is another difficulty with someone elses old stock.

10 Apr, 2012


Some of them have been transferred into big tins so there is no info. about them. Thankyou, I will take on board what you have said and will dispose of them.

10 Apr, 2012


No Bilbo, he sadly died , which is why I'm clearing his shed out. I used to share with him. Now I also have the big job of clearing it up. thanks anyway.

14 Apr, 2012

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