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Looking for inspiration.
Last year i started work on the bit of land at the end of my driveway and although i was very happy with the result it wasnt quite what i wanted. Mainly because the majority of the plants were annuals and the plants which werent didnt survive the winter. So this year i'm starting from stratch as the only plant to survive was a garzania, and some foxgloves which had self seeded. At present i have about 9 foxgloves at the back on the right and i have added some red lupin to sit next to them so i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what i could grow there. The fence makes the garden north west facing but despite this gets a lot of sun and like most i have clay soil.
I'm currently sucessfully growing from seed dahlias, sun flowers, calendula daisy mix and rudbeckia aries. And without sucess yet - rudbeckia gloriosa and goldsturm, so as you can tell i'd like the garden to be hot colours (red, yellow and orange). I'd also like to keep the cost down so either seeds which are easy to germinate or plants which are great self seeders like the foxgloves or plants which are relatively cheap to buy.
Thanks for reading and i look forward to any suggestions.




Kniphofia (Red Hot Poker) would probably do well there. Monarda would be a good choice as well. With a little effort lightening the soil up Lobelia "Queen Victoria" would be good.

10 Apr, 2012


There are red Aubretia too, maybe at the front of your little plot....they will last you for ages. Just cut bits off later in the year, slice with a trowel and drop into the soil, and they will take root with no further attention. Some of mine I've had for 15 years. Cut back and feed after blooming and they will probably bloom again for you.

11 Apr, 2012


it looks lovley how about bringing the fence to life with a honey suckle or something like that .

12 Apr, 2012


maybe make that little area into a seating area with a few nice slabs and a nice 2 seater bench unless thats a bench i can see . maybe a small pagoda to and maybe the tiniest of water feactures with running water . some different size cobbles from small up to some quit big ones .food for thaught lol .

12 Apr, 2012

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