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Trouble with a Paperbark Maple

Virginia, United States Us

I have two paperbark maples. One in front that is not leafing out and one in back that is. The one in front bark is peeling like it should but not leafing out yet. The one in back is younger but is not peeling but is leafing out. I have read the some paperbarks don't start leafing out till early May is that correct? Or is my front tree dying?

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if they are only just leafing it could be the other one is just slower off the mark. i wouldnt worry yet. i have a beech hedge down one boundary and they never all come into leaf at the same time. there was 3 weeks between them one year. hope this reassures you. welcome to GoY too.

21 Apr, 2009


Thanks that is encouraging as I really want the paperbark maple out front to make it.

Sincerely Photoartist2

21 Apr, 2009

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