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A question for Bulbaholic if he doesn't mind, I know how clever he is with his identification:

Please Bulbaholic it is a lovely plant but no idea which one it is have you got any answers for me?

Thank you in advance. :o)

or anyone else who has the knowledge Please and thank you!

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looks like one of the ornithogalum. but dont know which one.

11 Apr, 2012


I see why you say that, Seaburngirl, but isn't it a bit early?
I would go for a Puschkinia, probably P. libanotica, there is a white form. To give it it's full Sunday name it would be Puschkinia scilloides var. libanotica alba. Or, Striped Squill White Form.

11 Apr, 2012


Posh then thank you so much Bulbaholic think if I remember right there was also a blue one on the site where I found this one, it was an old foundry workshop and there were lots of it around. think Karen said she thought it was this one too.

11 Apr, 2012


thank you seaburngirl for your input too it is great to have people who have all this knowledge thanks again.

11 Apr, 2012


Put in 'ornitholagum nutans' into the search bar and it has thrown up some pictures which look just like it so am going with that. thanks everyone.

Had a look at Puschkinia scilloides var. libanotica alba and it looks much too short to be this one Bulba, on Andrews page there is a picture of ornitholagum nutans and it does seem to be more like my photo. Have a look for me and see what you think. thanks again.

11 Apr, 2012


I am assuming that you have just taken this picture, Olive, and that it isn't from last summer? Our Ornithogalum are not even through the ground yet.

11 Apr, 2012


yes Bulba only took the picture this morning, hadn't spotted it until I went up to look on the pond side at the lily of the valley and there it was. Have just been saying to Karen that the bluebells are also out. Very early for them too. but it has been very warm here well March was extremely warm turned colder now and quite a lot of rain last few days which is all good because we have a hosepipe ban on in Lincolnshire.

11 Apr, 2012


i agree with Olive Bulbaholic it looks like Ornithogalum Nutans, although it is early and mine havn't shown through yet either...

11 Apr, 2012


My O. nutans is forming buds at the moment. very early compared to last year. they are in a very sheltered spot though. My Pushkinia are well over now and setting very fat seed heads. I find them brilliant self seeders.

12 Apr, 2012

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