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is it essential to grow more than one variety of vaccinium corymbosum for cross pollination

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if so what variety would go well with goldtraube

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you dont have to for this species. so dont worry insects will do it for you.
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25 Apr, 2009


I used to think this too but cross pollination is not necessary. Wind and insects allow a blueberry to get nearly 100% fruit set. Only a few need it due to their own pollen incompatibility eg Goldtraube strain 53. Goldtraube 23(highest of all anti-oxidants) or strain 71 are comfortable with their own pollen and the ones sold in stores. Spartan blueberry needs cross pollination. Brigitta blueberry has poor ability to be self fertile due to a problem with flower shape or corona. Only these two I know of need cross pollination and are poor self croppers. Patriot is highly self fertile as are Bluecrop and Reka!

18 Jun, 2009

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