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Wanted need help please

Shropshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can any one help me in finding this seed,cutting,or plant,of impatiens walleriana (patient lucy) it is an indoor lizzie my wife had one about 40years ago and cannot find the plant anywhere any information apreachated.

On plant Impatiens walleriana (Patient Lucy)



ebay have them. 20 seeds for 99p plus 99p postage. heres a link for you. there some other sellers on there too.

or here

dsure there plenty other places if you pop the name in google

21 Apr, 2009


i only searched impatiens walleriana. so looking again that might not be right.

21 Apr, 2009


Is this the one with the pink flowers and watery stems? I had one till a few weeks ago and got fed up with picking up the flowers where they fell! If you have no luck anywhere sister has the parent plant and I could root a cutting for you.

21 Apr, 2009


Janey you have described perfectly the plant I was thinking about when I mentioned it in my blog! I was curious as to whether the plant still existed as I haven't seen a single plant of it in the 8 years I've been back in the UK.

As I mentioned in my blog I grew them for many years & always had dozens of plants! But when I first went to Spain, back in the 70s, I obviously didn't take any with me. I could never imagine they might "disappear"! They were as common as Daisies back then.

I now grow the modern, compact forms, as you may have seen as I uploaded some photos of them flowering on my balcony.

Just a week ago I planted some plugs I got from a supermarket.:)

23 Apr, 2009


Hi Tigerbarb,

I have a plant that is definitely 30 years old as I originally got it in Manchester in 1979, gave it to my mum as a mother's day present. She kept it going all these years and when she passed away in 2005 I took the plant over - I have still got it and am happy to give anyone cuttings from it.

It is a strong grower!

28 Apr, 2009


Hello green girl,
Will you please take me a cutting from your plant,i have been looking for one of these for ages and i got very excited when i read about you having one,i would be very grateful for this,please let me know about cost, and where about you are,looking forward to your reply, and i have added you to my favourites.
Bert (mytigerbarb).

1 May, 2009


Hi, Greengirl, I would like to echo Tigerbarb's request & ask you to send me a cutting as well! I'd like to try it again after so many years. Like Bert. I'd reimburse you your costs.

1 May, 2009

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