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Have just read the comments about pigeons. We are also having problems with these nuisances, we've stopped putting food on the ground but we have a determined pair that have now taken to getting onto the feeders and scattering the food all over the place they also use the bird tables (one perches on the roof while the other sits underneath eating then they swop places) so what else can we do? (they are scaring the smaller birds away)



id get a bb gun . it just stings but wont hurt them physicly . it just fires little plastic balls with compressed air .

12 Apr, 2012


you could also wrap your whole bird feeder in the chicken wire with the wider holes . the smaller birds can fit threw but the pidgeons cant .

12 Apr, 2012


I'd agree about the chicken wire. I had a real problem with a whole flock of pigeons and wrapping the bird table in chicken wire has been a great success. I made it so that there are bigger holes at either end so the birds can fly out if they get scared. The starlings & blackbirds can get in but no pigeons and no herring gulls! It seems to have discouraged the pigeons all together so they haven't been doing that infuriating aimless trampling about either.

12 Apr, 2012


Thanks to everyone for their advice, we're putting the chicken wire advice into action but as a temporary measure we've pinned lengths of garden cane round the bird tables which has already had an effect - thank you all.

13 Apr, 2012


my idea was a good one then yippee lol

13 Apr, 2012

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