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Any advice as to what I can do please?

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My young niece has rubbed vaseline all around the trunk of my old apple tree as it was flaky and 'sore'! It was thickly spread and makes a complete circuit of the trunk, will this kill the tree? I have tried to scrape off what I can but it seems to have been absorbed by the bark. Very worried as I would hate to lose it.



should be ok so dont worry. welcome to GoY too.

21 Apr, 2009


ahhh bless her. kids can do some sweet things

21 Apr, 2009


Not a lot different to what you do to keep Codlin moth off the fruit, except that one uses a grease which dries out much slower. Vaseline will do absolutely no harm whatsoever to the tree.

21 Apr, 2009


Geoff Hamilton used to use grease on his greenhouse tables to stop the vine weevil climbing onto his pots!

22 Apr, 2009


I use Vaseline round my pots to stop slugs and also some stems of shrubs when new growth is sprouting near ground level.

22 Apr, 2009

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