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standard fuschia


By Kzzzzh

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i have two standard fuschias which i bought last year, they were lovely and i overwintered them in an unheated greenhouse but they look like they are dead as nothing is happening, should i give up and accept they are now just a couple of dead twigs. thanks



~is there any green running through the branches when you cut a bit off?If so don't give up!If is brown I'm afraid that might be terminal!

21 Apr, 2009


early enough for fuschias yet. Blodyn (Call me Hywel) I am sure is the best one to advise you

21 Apr, 2009


~Hywel lives not that far away from me and I know that he has lost a few as I have over the winter which was exceptionally cold last year.
I assume you have you tried watering it as keeping it totally bone dry will not help it now when the weather is warming up.Don't drown it though!
Most of my fuchsias are starting into growth but I have trays of about 20 to 30 which I am waiting to see what happens.
I check them daily to see any tiny sign of growth and there have been a few that I thought were gone which have come round.
Don't do anything precipitate yet~no harm to wait for a couple of weeks!

21 Apr, 2009


Yes if you scrape your nail on a stem and its green .

Start to spray with tepid water .

But we too have had along cold winter and I lost most of my fuchsias and they were protected.

22 Apr, 2009


oops i forgot to water them through winter, better go check them now.

22 Apr, 2009


If you don't find any green at the top it may be that the main stem got killed by frost. Check very gently round the bottom of the plant for new growth as it may regenerate from there. It does mean you will have a bush instead of a standard. If you buy more standards give extra winter protection to that tall stems - I think some people use the insulation that goes round copper pipes in the house.

22 Apr, 2009


My main greenhouse was heated to 10 degrees and I also used fleece to coversome of the palnts on very cold nights.All of my fuchsias and 99% of everything else came through~I think that a couple of echium suffered from under watering rather than the cold.My main losses were from the plastic unheated green houses and as they have leaky roofs they suffered from getting wet and freezing ~however
quite a few of the fuchsias in them have survived against all odds.
The moral here is to keep them on the dry side and not too cold~ new plastic greenhouses needed for this year I think!

22 Apr, 2009


hmm i think it may well be terminal, just had a gentle look and all looks lost, its quite a shame but you live and learn i suppose.

22 Apr, 2009

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