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By Mookins

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

morning, am off to my mums at the weekend for some cuttings of various plants she has there. do I need a p[articular root hormone powder ie: one type for roses one type for something else.

i have no idea what plants she has so cant tell you a list unfortunatly.

cheers in advance
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No. It just comes in a little yellow plastic bottle with a sharp pointy bit at the top. I bought some yesterday, but an organic one. Hth!

22 Apr, 2009


thats good then thought I would have to beg mum to do two trips as I dont have a car

cheers craftnutter
x x x

22 Apr, 2009


Don't forget Mookins, when you've taken off the bottom leaves, and wet the end of the stalk, dip into the powder and plant. But water the compost first before you put the stalk in, otherwise you'll wash the powder off. I then pop those little plastic bags on top til I see new growth appearing. Have fun!

22 Apr, 2009


also quite a good idea to keep plastic bottles, cut them in half and use them as mini-propagators until the cuttings are established. Careful not to overwater - I have lost so many by doing that - especially lavendar.

22 Apr, 2009

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