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UFO (unidentified flora object) II

London, United Kingdom Gb

Hello again, again. can anyone identify this plant? it grows wildly and vigourously, has tough branches and lupinous flowerheads. the leaves are elongated tear shaped and soft to touch. it's a bit of a pest to be honest. thanks again guys. happy gardening! :-)




Looks like buddleja or butterfly bush. they are very vigorous growers and will but down roots anywhere.

22 Apr, 2009


thanks andrearichter. i thought it might be a buddleja. any ideas how i can tame it or eradicate it?

22 Apr, 2009


It needs to be cut back hard in early spring, to pairs of healthy buds. If you do it now, you'll lose this year's flowers, but you could deadhead it and tidy it up a bit by thinning it out a little at the base..

22 Apr, 2009


thanks spritzhenry. will thin it deadhead it and keep it under control. although when it's bloomed this summer i think i'll have to kill it. it appears to have spread from nowhere and planted from seed on my garden wall (no soil, amazing!) i'm worried that if it continues to grow and spread it will damage the brickwork and weaken the wall.

happy gardening! :-)

22 Apr, 2009


Rather than kill it, I'd be tempted to chop it right back and forfeit this years flowers. I chopped mine only a couple of weeks ago, so may or may not lose my flowers, but either way, I wanted the plant.

They are so lovely and the butterflies love them and if you do chop it down they're easy to maintain each year.

I've never seen one sprouting in a wall though, lol.

22 Apr, 2009


there are lots in the walls around the local docks and rail embankments. they are beautiful but get everywhere.

22 Apr, 2009

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