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how to kill hairy bittercress


By Annkay

United States Us

help this weed seems to survive every weed killer i have tried



Only solution I know is to actually get on and weed it iout

22 Apr, 2009


when you weed killer it you arent getting the dormant seeds in the soil and as soon as you disturb the soil these dormant seeds then germinate. spray before flowers form. but the sad person i am i quite enjoy pulling this up. but be warned the seeds can fly about 3ft from the parent plant. so pull before it is in flower.

22 Apr, 2009


This drives me nuts - some of them seem to flower within three days of germinating, don't know how they do it. I'll beat them eventually (she said, with more hope than conviction).

22 Apr, 2009


Wagger - B and I fight an on-going war with bittercresses in the garden... not helped by the fact that we intentionally allow some of our alpines to seed so we can hoe weeds out when they are miniscule!

22 Apr, 2009


This is one of the craftiest weeds in my garden! I hunt them down while they are in flower, and hand weed them, but I always miss at least one - and it seeds itself. They hide amongst other plants ON PURPOSE to annoy me!


22 Apr, 2009


Oh don't they just Spritzhenry!

22 Apr, 2009


and to be even more sneaky they and dandelion flowers will continue to ripen seed for up to 5 days after they have been beheaded. biology will out! I did a work experience at Kew in the Millenium seed bank at wakehurst place and i was amazed at the lenghts some plants will go to, to survive.

22 Apr, 2009


Yeah, you won't have much luck with chemicals. It'll seed before the weedkiller has time to work.

It's a pull out job.

Mind you, when you've pulled some, you could eat it. It's a bit like cress and is quite good in salads, lol.

22 Apr, 2009


Don't fancy them much, to be honest!

22 Apr, 2009


Llew think I'll give eating the little blighters a miss...

23 Apr, 2009


Cowards!!!! lolol.

24 Apr, 2009



24 Apr, 2009

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