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A Kalmia in a large pot leavs drooping.

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I have a courtyard garden and a Kalmia Calico Bush in a large pot. I only use rain water on it and sometimes ericcaceous feed. WHY are the leaves drooping down ? I am in my 70's but if you advise me to repot I will get this done. Thank you for any advice.

On plant Kalmia latifolia



Are the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot blocked causing the plant to be waterlogged? This produces a similar effect to wilting. Get someone to help you tip it over to check and put it on pot feet or similar.

27 Apr, 2009


Hello Volunteer, Thank you for your reply. Sadly theKalmia just fell over and it proved your diagnosis to be correct as the roots had all rotted. When I get a new shrub I will put the feet under. Thank you.

28 Apr, 2009

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