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Hello. I am very much a first timer on the gardening front. Have dabbled with some hanging baskets and patio containers and last year managed some climbing roses but now I have a bigger plan on mind...

I'd like to plant some shrubs/evergreens (basically anything semi colourful and low maintenance) in our front garden just around the front of the house. Our front faces North East so sun in the morning and night but really not a lot. At the moment we have a nice stretch of green grass and a 3 year old hawthorn tree which I'm thinking of planting some flowers at the bottom of.

Anybody have any tips for me at all??



Hmm, Perthshire, pretty cold up there in winter, isn't it? Be helpful if you could post a photograph or 3 of the area, is that possible? And welcome to GoY...

14 Apr, 2012


I don't useually get in to suggesting particular plants as such because peoples tastes are so varied but this link might give you some ideas; [url][/url]

Sorry I haven't got round to linking these plants into the website yet, but if you go to the top of the page,click on 'home' this will take you to an alphabetical index then you can locate your plant/s of choice there.

I hope this helps, if not shout!

14 Apr, 2012


skimmia and acuba both sprang to mind.
welcome from me too.

14 Apr, 2012


Welcome to GoY! One of the most reliable evergreens is Nandina . . . pretty leaves, whitish flowers and red berries: two varieties, one of which grows to 6ft, the other much smaller.

Another great plant is Sambucus 'black lace' purple leaves, and pink flowers, but it is deciduous.

14 Apr, 2012


Wow thanks so much everyone and thanks for the welcomes. This sure gives me lots to research and get a few ideas on the go hopefully.

I will have a look at everything and see where I am. Maybe post a few pictures as I go! there are a few other ideas I have for the back garden that might make interesting little projects.

PS Yes Bamboo it can get pretty chilly here in the winter!

Thanks again : )

14 Apr, 2012


Euonymus fortunii Emerald 'n Gold lives up to its name and is bright and colourful all the year round. It slowly makes a nice little bush only about 18" high and can be clipped if it gets too big. I don't know if it will be OK in your area - good idea to check with your local nursery, who one hopes are unlikely to stock plants unsuitable for the district.

Good idea to get a pH metre from your local garden centre and check the acidity of your soil - skimmia, azalea and rhododendron would all do in that situation but will only be happy in acid soil so it could save you some money to find out before you start.

14 Apr, 2012

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