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Hi there,
many thanks to bamboo and Gnarly Gnome for prompt answers to my question about growth at the base of my olive tree. Can i update you with further info? There IS quite good growth on the top branches, but lots down below at the base. the tree is in a very large pot.



Janesusan, it would have been easier if you'd added this information beneath your original question, as if you were answering yourself - anyone who answered you will get a notification that something's been added, and would have seen it.
Having gone back to your earlier question, you obviously didn't mention you had growth in the upper branches - if you're happy that there's enough growth higher up, that its not sparse and sad looking with lots of dead branches, then remove the shoots coming up from the base.

15 Apr, 2012


I agree with bamboo

But thanks for letting us know


15 Apr, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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