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By Segovia

Merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

Hi - I think this is a Prunus SP , its starting to get heavy on one side and is leaning inward. Should I prune and if so when?




Prunus trees can actually be pruned from now onwards, up until early autumn, but better in dry weather, so that silverleaf fungal spores aren't around to infect the cuts - we prune our cherry trees in July, when it's warm and dry for this reason. I'd wait a bit until the weather is a little kinder.

15 Apr, 2012


I'm sorry to say this, but your tree is leaning forward and growing one side because its been planted far too close to the fence and house behind it, so its leaning forward because it can't grow properly at the back. It will always do this, I'm afraid. Should have been planted at least 6 feet away from the fence, preferably 10 feet away. It's also close enough to the building behind to cause subsidence problems by disrupting the foundations. I'd remove it before it does, the insurance claim against you will be enormous if that happens. Trees should never be planted less than 20 feet away from a house or structure, and if its a large tree (eventually) 45 feet away.

15 Apr, 2012



Its probably been there for more than 20 years and there is no signs of root damage to next doors property, he has more things to worry about as there is a 50ft sycamore that has a TPO on it growing had up against his garage.

There was a row of conifers between the tree and the fence which took up about 4ft, I removed these when I put in the new fence.

15 Apr, 2012


Yes, those really ARE big trees to have anywhere near buildings.

15 Apr, 2012


I'd remove it because it'll never grow properly, always be misshapen, but you don't have to do what I say, lol! I imagine the sycamore with a TPO (unusual on a sycamore) was there when he built the garage... horrible things, where there's one there'll be a zillion more if you don't remove seedlings.

15 Apr, 2012


I hate the darned things - sticky, sooty, invasive and untidy. Not particularly beautiful, either. We were lucky when we moved that our new and elderly neighbour agreed to let us "look after" all her 6 sycamores that were right next our boundary. I'm not sure if she ever noticed how the numbers, then height of the remaining ones decreased. We (with her agreement) created access from our garden to hers and helped her with her very weed-choked, seed-producing, unsightly and fox-harbouring mess of a garden. It was a truly symbiotic arrangement.

15 Apr, 2012

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