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This seems such a basic question but it is the first time for me....what do you have to do when spring bulbs have finished flowering...there all looking great at the moment just a few daffs with brown heads...they are all in pots...What do you think have a look? :)

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Firstly remove the dead flower heads to prevent the plants producing seeds.

This will then allow the plants to concentrate on feeding the bulb/s to produce next years flowers.

Do not cut the leaves off until they have begun to die back naturally. The leaves are required to photosynthesise and feed the bulb/s.

Because you have them in pots rather than planters ( which are generally deeper) I would place them in a sheltered spot and just let the pots dry out. ( Assuming you don't need the pots for something else)

If you do remove the bulbs from the pots, remove any compost that is sticking to them then put them in a paper or string bag (but not plastic) and store them in a cool dark spot, the garage is often as good as any.

If you should leave them in there pots, again leave them in a cool sheltered spot and get them out in the autumn and replant them in fresh compost.

If they had been in deep planters I would have just left them in place and replaced the top couple of inches of spent compost with new.

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I hope that helps....Tg

15 Apr, 2012


thankyou Teegee...very usefull info which I shall use :)

15 Apr, 2012


Particularly as they are in pots once the flowers have finished feed them weekly with half strength liquid tomato food until the leaves have completely died back.

15 Apr, 2012


cheers everyone :0)

16 Apr, 2012

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