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Would love to know what this plant could be? The stem was in a bouquet of flowers which i received for valentines day.
I have not come across this before but would really like to know what the plant is in order to source one to buy
I think it could be some sort of shrub since the stem was quite thick and woody.
The tips of the stems were shaped and looked like flower heads but were actually new leaves.
The leaves were waxy green towards the bottom of the stem changing to purple and ruby red towards the top
Hope you can help


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Oh for heavens sake - I do know what this is, but I've forgotten the name. Like you, I went to all the trouble to find out what it was about 2 years ago and, as far as I recall, it was something that wasn't easy, or couldn't be, grown here... Hopefully I'll remember overnight if no one else names it...

15 Apr, 2012


Okay, I've got it - its one of the Leucadendrons, maybe safari sunset, or sylvan red, not sure, but they're a member of Protea family, and are tender here.

15 Apr, 2012


Well done Bamboo!
How did you remember?
Have just googled Leucadendrons and you are spot on!
I would never have found this otherwise. It really is a beautiful plant and so unusual. I see that couple of nurseries are selling them. However seem to be tender and since i am cold wet Scotland best not chance it
Many thanks for your help

15 Apr, 2012


I didn't recall its name at all, but it was driving me bonkers, so in the end, I did a google search on florist's foliage. Took a while, but I got it in the end. Soon as I saw the name, I knew it was that one, as I said, done this research before!

16 Apr, 2012


Bamboo, you have so much patience and never give up!

16 Apr, 2012


Patience, ha ha, everyone who knows me would be giving a hollow laugh hearing that. It's my very impatience that makes me so damned persistent, I'm like a dog with a bone, can't wait for it to just come to me, have to make a mission out of it and seek it out, lol. My usual approach is "there must be a way to do/get/find/resolve this or that..."

16 Apr, 2012

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