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There is an advert here on GoY "Carry on gardening"

I tried to get the price of one of these raised beds but the price link does not work for me. Is it the same for everyone? Error 404



The prices are on the advert. Might be a better idea to ask around where you live, organisations that help the disabled could be helpful. I have seen these raised beds built from scrap timber by volunteers on a Community Garden Scheme.

16 Apr, 2012


Thanks Diane..I will

16 Apr, 2012


Clicking on the Buy It Now shows a price of £980 which seems a little steep to me... As Diane says ask local disabled charities for advice.

16 Apr, 2012


Moon_grower is right!

16 Apr, 2012


At that price I would want it covered by a medium sized greenhouse. that is a ridiculous price for a raised bed, yet another example of cashing in on someones disability.

16 Apr, 2012


Thank you MG.. The ad seemed to be aimed at organisations rather than the general public...£980 per unit!

What a shame that exploitaition is behind such a good Idea.

16 Apr, 2012


Looking at the way it has been designed I am totally impressed as someone in a wheelchair could actually tuck the chair right into the bed and work with very little difficulty. However, I suspect if you talked to a local joiner and explained what you wanted he would be able to create something similar that didn't cost a fortune! I've just been back to the site and most of that large container is a water reservoir! Only the top 10 inches is soil... and the price I quote does not include VAT which is currently 20%.

As you say pity that exploitation is behind the idea.

16 Apr, 2012


Isn't it silly though ? This would be Ideal for my sister, who is not wheelchair bound yet, and for so many other people to sit and garden..I honestly thought it would be well under £100.

16 Apr, 2012


The site says each one is made individually... still does not excuse the price tag if you ask me Pimpernel...

16 Apr, 2012


Dear Derekm, Pimpernel, Moon growe and Michaella,

I am shocked to read such hurtful messages as the designer and owner of Green Circle Garden.

I have invested my life savings to create this product to address the need for accessible gardening for all to enjoy. I have also worked hard to make it available and the very high set-up costs of manufacturing such a specialized product.

In 2012 I launched Green Circle Garden with a price of £980 per planter including shipping within the UK. The price at that time may of seemed expensive however, I think you may have not looked into the shear size of the planter and what is included... The planter is also hand made in Fiberglass and is built to last a lifetime! FYI here is a video of the product and how it works:

Since 2012, Green Circle Garden has worked hard to reduce the price and although the cost now is £880 per planter including shipping within the UK, our clients are content and value the quality and accessibility of GCG over any other accessible raised garden bed available.

@Moon Growe, There is no VAT on this product as it VAT exempt!

Recently we have made GCG available in the United States, again at a high risk, the reason? I believe in my product and seeing the happiness of our customers motivated me to take a big step up. The planters in the US are manufactured in a different method to further reduce costs and the retail price is circa £450.00


I do understand that from someone who does not understand our product, it may seem expensive but to hear I'm taking advantage of disadvantaged people is an insult would like an apology.

Kindest Regards,

Ian Armour

24 Sep, 2014

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