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Can anyone recognise the leaves from this bush. It grows about 4 foot tall and it has small pink flowers in summer. In the winter it has round white snowball type decoration. More importantly if any knows this bush do they know how to get rid of it!!.

It was in the garden when we moved into the house five years ago, and it seems to suddenly appear in different places somewhere else in the garden (by underground roots I suppose). We tried when we first moved in to dig it out, but it was impossible and we are now in our early seventies so the job would be much harder. Is there anything I can treat it with to kill it off!!! Or any other options (apart from putting up with it).
Hope someone can help - thank you. Photo attached.

Dscn0833 Dscn0833



It's a Symphoricarpus or snow berry.

Cut it back hard then spray any re-growth with a glyphosate based weedkiller. Continue to do this every time it puts its shoots up. It'll soon get fed up !!!

16 Apr, 2012


Yeah! Only been doing that for the last 16 years. Still, never give up hope!

16 Apr, 2012


the berries are also being eaten by birds and deposited else where in the garden. I have always hankered after it .... is it really such a thug? shame :o)

16 Apr, 2012


I have a snowberry and it's an absolute nuisance, coming up all over the place. To get rid of it - dig, dig and keep on digging. I wouldn't advise anyone to put this in their garden!

16 Apr, 2012


I have lots of them but have never planted by myself. Their berries are so cute but I think one is enough. Now I am trying to get rid of lots of small ones like Sheilar, keep on digging!

16 Apr, 2012

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